Get up early and study English
新TOEIC TEST ウルトラ語彙力主義
神崎 正哉 (著)
IBCパブリッシング (2007/4/25)
ASIN: 4896844904

I got up at six this morning and worked on Unit 23 and 24 of ウーゴ right after getting out of my bed. By listening and repeating the sentences, I come to be awake and get energy to study English. I call this 目覚ましウーゴ. ウーゴ wakes me up and turns me into English mode.

ロバート・ヒルキ / ポール・ワーデン / ヒロ前田 (著)
アルク (2007/10/29)
ASIN: 4757412762

Speaking of my studying for the TOEIC test, I recently work on reading sections of 直前模試3回分. I answered the questions of Part 5, 6 and 7 on Practice Test 1 and Practice Test 2 in the last four days, and realized how little I had reviewed these tests. Since the TOEIC test is coming up next Sunday, I'll study hard so I understand English completely in this book.

Today, I'm going to spend my whole day at the university, studying English in the library and having lunch at the cafeteria. Now, I'm leaving!