Learning journal on Thursday, May 21st

NW English News [Podcast] (15 minutes)
NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN - Radio News in English
I listened to the following episode:
NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN - English News at 22:10 (JST), May 20

CNN Student News [Podcast] (10 minutes)
CNN Student News (daily video)
I watched the following episode:
CNN Student News - May 21, 2009

まいにちスペイン語 (22 minutes)
NHKラジオ まいにちスペイン語
I listen to the following episodes from NHK website.
5月14日放送分 Lección 29: como unas castañuelas うれしそうな(jueves 14 de mayo)
I also listened to the following episodes with the CD.
5月21日放送分 Lección 34: como churros たくさん売れる (jueves 21 de mayo)