I've been studying with ウーゴ
新TOEIC TEST ウルトラ語彙力主義
神崎 正哉 (著)
IBCパブリッシング (2007/4/25)
ASIN: 4896844904

On February 15, I began to study ウーゴ again. I work on two units a day; one for reviewing and the other for learning anew. First, I answer the question and then write down all the sentences in a unit. Second, I listen to 「ウルトラ語彙力主義」音声レッスン and repeat the sentences aloud. Finally, I write down all the sentences again. I kept doing this for the past 17 days.

I kept studying with ウーゴ even on the road. (I took ウーゴ with me during my trip.) A picture on the right is the one I took in a hotel. As I knew it would be very hard for me to study English at night because of the tiredness from walking around or riding a bus for a long time, I worked on ウーゴ every morning, after I awoke. It was quite good both for studying everyday and getting up early.

After coming back to Japan, I keep studying with ウーゴ everyday though I couldn't keep getting up early. I enjoy ウーゴ so much :)