Yesterday's sweets: Chou Cookie Vanilla White [Meiji]
シュークッキー バニラホワイト <明治製菓>
I had this snack yesterday. After having lunch at the cafeteria, I stopped by at the store on campus looking for something sweet and, after a minute, I found this.

Its name is made up with two words: "chou" (maybe it's French, right? They call it "puff" in English, like "cream puff" which means "シュークリーム" in Japanese.) and "cookie." I bought this because the picture on display looked good. A cashier lady also thought so and said "It looks so delicious, doesn't it?" while I was served. lol)

And you know what? It was so yummy! It looks like a small cream puff, but since a puff is actually a cookie, it's crispy and smells really good. Once you bite it, you'll find really sweet white chocolate source in it. It goes really nice with the cookie. Mmmm, I love this. I wanna try chocolate flavor next time.