Utada's new single: "Come Back To Me"
Hikaru Utada is one of my favorite artists. I have almost all singles and albums of hers, and often listen to them.

On February 9, her new single as Utada, not as 宇多田ヒカル, was released in the iTunes US store. Its title is "Come Back To Me." Though it's only available in the iTunes US store now, Island Records delivers it on a special website and we can try it (not just the excerpt but the whole song) for free. I knew this page on January 9, and since then, I often visit there. I love it. We're also able to listen to it on Utada's MySpace.

The day before yesterday, I read an article of an interview asking Utada about her musical history. Here's the article: "A Conversation with Utada." It was interesting.

Utada's new album: "This Is The One" will be released on March 4 in Japan, and on March 24 in United States. I can't wait to hear it!