ウーゴ + ハートで感じる + iKnow! *
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
It is 226 days since I started studying for TOEIC test ◎

 『新TOEICテスト ウルトラ語彙力主義
 I went to McDonald's to have lunch and found
 people were talking in a loud voice there.
 Then I thought that they probably wouldn't care
 if I speak English, so I began to read
 the sentences in ウーゴ in a low voice.
 I read out Unit 1 through 44 this time.

 After lunch, I went to university library and
 watched these DVDs at the Audio-Visual corner.
 『ハートで感じる英文法 会話編 2』 
 『ハートで感じる英文法 会話編 3
 あいこちゃん is soooo cute!!

 I learned about following items this time;
 not, sequence of tenses, 「とき」の感覚, some&any,
 countable&uncountable, interrogative&relative,
 causative construction, up&down.

At night, I went to a bar (not a sushi bar) with my friend.
Some people know that I love drinking. hehe ;P

I returned home at around 1 o'clock and then I worked on iKnow!
・4 lessons for さらに!TOEIC上級・リスニングセクション
・5 lessons for さらに!TOEIC上級・リーディングセクション

That's all what I did :)