iKnow! is great *
There's a reason why I started studying with iKnow! again ◎

 On September 29, I bought a book. This is it.
 『AERA English 2008年 10月号
 There were feature articles about iKnow! and
 it motivated me to come back.
 When I accessed there for the first time
in a long while, I found a new function, which is called Bookmarklet.

kpinkcat san has already posted an article about this but Bookmarklet is really nice! (ummm, in fact, i wanted to comment first before kpinkcat san did that. hehe, just kidding ;P)

Using Bookmarklet, you can easily check English words at any website. All you have to do is place the cursor on the word you want to know its meaning. Then, a window pops up and it shows the translations.

Besides, you can put the word items into the lists and learn them later with iKnow! application. I think this is a great point of Bookmarklet. kpinkcat san also says so. We can not only check words, but also learn them! Based on computer program, iKnow can do this!

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Hi, aahya!

I really appreciate your friend offer which reminded me of iKnow. Without it, I would never come up with using bookmarklet.
It's a really nice tool for us and will enhance our learning English.
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kpinkcat san,
Thank you so much for your comment!
I'm glad to have been your friend at iKnow! :)
Let's enjoy studying English by using such a great tool!
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