Study Journal (Sep 23) *
It is 247 days since I started studying for TOEIC test ◎
Followings are what I did on Tuesday, September 23.

I worked on iKnow!
・10 lessons for さらに!TOEIC上級・総仕上げ
(1 lesson includes 10 word items)

 『新TOEICテスト ウルトラ語彙力主義
 I answered all the questions and
 worked on 確認テスト
 which is distributed by 神崎先生
 In this time, I tried the tests on
 Unit 1 - Unit 20.

 I reviewed Part 1 through Part 5 of 練習テスト(1)
 and read aloud all the sentences of them.

 I worked on Day 0 & Day 1.
 16 correct answers out of 16 questions
 on 例題 and 練習問題 in 指令1~指令5
 12 correct answers out of 14 questions
 on ミニ模試

赤信号 is so nice! I think this book is really useful for me because it focuses on 微妙な問題 and they are what I need to train. The questions of ミニ模試 are a little bit difficult. I couldn't listen to the words; data, advertisement, orange juice, and connect, at first. They are spoken by Canadian woman and English man. I have to get used to those pronunciation.