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Dear Mr./Ms. Secret
Thank you so much for coming to my blog and leaving your comment! I usually reply a person who left a hidden comment via an e-mail but I’m writing here this time because I couldn’t find any other ways to touch you. (Please let me know if it’s inconvenient for you.)

It’s my pleasure to hear that you’re interested in my blog, especially in some posts about me learning Spanish :) Hace dos años que studio español. Some people say learning two or more languages at the same time is too hard but (at least for me,) it’s so interesting to understand some other languages’ systems (like grammar or pronunciation), and to predict what a word mean by applying a similar one in English. Have you learned Spanish before? Since there are few people learning Spanish around me, I’m kind of excited to know that you also speak Spanish :D

And thank you for wishing me luck on upcoming interview test! I know it’ll be hard for me to pass it, but your words encourage me :)

Mr./Ms. Secret, thank you again for dropping by my blog and leaving the very impressive comment in English. Your words make me feel your kindness. (I hope I could write English passages like yours...) Reading your comment, I’m so motivated now! I’ll try hard since you’re checking ;) Hope you sometimes give any messages to me. I’m looking forward to it!
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