4月2日放送分(4月8日再放送分)の「 J ブンガク」


The proprietress of a bar, repays money stolen by Otani, Sachi's husband. His spending spread and buzzled him, so she quizzed him about the money. He transpires that Otani to put on a trafish party at her bar with the stolen money.

But Sachi thinks her husband's actions are not as outrageous as those of other people. She remembers attaining when well to do looking women came peddling fake alcohol at the Camellia pub. The proverty exists but Sachi prefers to gather all the negative things and turn into something positive.

To Sachi, only one thing is clear: Even if one day at the bar, she is tripped or sailed by a customer, even if her husband offers mindless explanations like "I stole the money to make you happy," all it is important to Sachi is living.


"Who cares if you're a monster? As long as we can stay alive."