4月1日放送分(4月7日再放送分)の「 J ブンガク」


Sachi met her husband when he was a customer at her father's street vender store. They've been living as husband and wife since she gave birth to their son, but they never actually got married.
Whenever her husband comes her rolling drunk, he bursts in tears and lays eyes on Sachi. "I'm scared. Help me." he says, trembling and clinging to Sachi. But then suddenly he goes off somewhere, leaving Sachi to wait at home for his return.

All his life, he has been preoccupied with "death." But the thought of "an angry God" always stopped him going through with any suicidetant. Sachi tries to tell him that his work matters, but he's dismissive. "What I write is neither masterpieces nor flops." Sachi cannot understand his distress, but her roomdely merely that their life carry on like this forever.


"I, um, I know it sounds stagey, but all I want to do is drop dead."