3月31日放送分(4月6日再放送分)の「 J ブンガク」


The next morning, Sachi visits the Camellia pub. She lies to be honest the owners, saying that someone will come to repay her husband's debts. But no such person exists. All the while wishing that she could "melt away like ice cream."

Sachi saw just soldiers owner on at the pub. And then, who should appear bats, but... her Her husband., Half half hiding his face, and then all the bubpropogiries, an older bar proprietress. the The woman office offeres to pay back a push portion of Sachi's husband's debts.

Sachi decides to pay the rest back by working at the pub. Her natural cheer soon makes a her popular among the customers. However, her real reason for working at the pub is the hope that by doing so, she can sometimes see her husband. Sachi finds happiness and in being able to turn home with her husband after work.

However, her husband is toolmented tormented by the fear lacking lurking in his heart. "Men only know unhappiness," he says.


"Men only know unhappiness. We're always fighting fear."