Had a great time last night!
It takes some courage to get into the world you've never experienced before, but once you open the door and step forward, you might find yourself feel comfortable there and realize that there had been nothing to be afraid of.

I felt something like that at a certain place last night: I had early dinner at my place and went out for a couple of beer. It was my second time drinking alone at a bar, so I was kind of thrilled. When I got into the bar, there was so many people as usual. I made it through the crowd, arrived at the counter and ordered a pint of beer. Since it was almost occupied and I couldn't find any chairs around me, I decided to stay at the counter (There was a little space between two groups.), and asked a man next to me if I could stay there. That was a sort of icebreaker. We (the guy next to me, the other guy who was talking with him, and me) talked for about an hour drinking some beers. It was really fun. I enjoyed it pretty much.

So, I can tell you, through my experience last night, it definitely worth stepping into the world you've never seen for real but been interested. An anxiety could turns out to be a great pleasure.