Maybe this is the only Rock I can sing
"GLAMOROUS SKY," sung by Mika Nakashima, who performed the role of Nana Osaki in the movie, is famous as the song inspired by NANA. But I prefer the one used in the anime series: "rose," sung by Anna Tsuchiya, who I guess is far similar to the character.

When I went to Ebisu and stayed all night with my friend about a month ago, we went to Karaoke. After singing a couple of songs each, my friend sang a Rock song, and then I felt like "I wanna sing rock too!," so I picked up "rose" to sing. Since it had been a few years since I listened to it last, I missed some melody, but the song was still so cool; Turned out, I often listen to this song these days.

I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Oh baby, help me from frozen pain
with your smile, your eyes, and sing me, just for me

"rose" by ANNA inspi' NANA (BLACK STONES)


"GLAMOROUS SKY"はリリースされた時に毎日飽きるくらい聞いていたけど、この"Rose"はノーチェックでした。

I love both "GLAMOROUS SKY" and "Rose".
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"rose" かっくいーですよね! というか土屋アンナがめっちゃかっくいーです。
"GLAMOROUS SKY" もいいですよね! 原作者の矢沢あいさんが作詞されてることもあってなんだかおしゃれな感じです。

> #英語の記事(コメント)には英語でコメントするのがルールだ!と偉そうな事を言っていたにも関わらず、思いっきり日本語でコメントしてしまいました。。

haha~. That's definitely fine with me. Both English and Japanese comments are welcomed ;)
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