How I worked on SS本 from February 14 to 18
1日1分レッスン!新TOEIC Test 英単語、これだけ セカンド・ステージ
中村 澄子 (著)
祥伝社 (2008/12/11)
ASIN: 4396314701

In this article, I wrote "I'd like to work with this book until I can translate all the Japanese words in this book into English" and the day after I posted this comment, on February 14, I started working on it. First, I answered all the questions in a chapter: selecting one (Japanese word) out of three items for each question. After that, I tried to translate all the Japanese items into English in the chapter. Finally, I listed up the items which I couldn't write in English correctly. Here are the results:

Selecting Japanese
Chapter 1 (Part 1) 22/22
Chapter 2 (Part 2&3) 89/90
Chapter 3 (Part 4) 60/61
Chapter 4 (Part 5&6) 103/113
Chapter 5 (Part 7) 70/74
Total 344/360

Translating into English
Chapter 1 (Part 1) 45/66
Chapter 2 (Part 2&3) 164/270
Chapter 3 (Part 4) 109/183
Chapter 4 (Part 5&6) 191/339
Chapter 5 (Part 7) 138/222
Total 647/1080

It took me five days to translate and check all the items and I used thirteen pieces of A4 paper (I used just one side for twelve pieces and both sides for one piece). A picture on the right shows that. I'll work on reviewing for a while.

By the way, I'm going abroad tomorrow and will come back next week. AM SO EXCITED :)


Utada's new single: "Come Back To Me"
Hikaru Utada is one of my favorite artists. I have almost all singles and albums of hers, and often listen to them.

On February 9, her new single as Utada, not as 宇多田ヒカル, was released in the iTunes US store. Its title is "Come Back To Me." Though it's only available in the iTunes US store now, Island Records delivers it on a special website and we can try it (not just the excerpt but the whole song) for free. I knew this page on January 9, and since then, I often visit there. I love it. We're also able to listen to it on Utada's MySpace.

The day before yesterday, I read an article of an interview asking Utada about her musical history. Here's the article: "A Conversation with Utada." It was interesting.

Utada's new album: "This Is The One" will be released on March 4 in Japan, and on March 24 in United States. I can't wait to hear it!

1日1分レッスン!新TOEIC Test 英単語、これだけ セカンド・ステージ
1日1分レッスン!新TOEIC Test 英単語、これだけ セカンド・ステージ
中村 澄子 (著)
祥伝社 (2008/12/11)
ASIN: 4396314701

I got this book as a Christmas present from OJiM-san when I attended 年末学習会議. At the end of last year, I tried answering all the questions in this book. Here are the results:

Chapter 1 (Part 1) 21/22
Chapter 2 (Part 2&3) 88/90
Chapter 3 (Part 4) 55/61
Chapter 4 (Part 5&6) 99/113
Chapter 5 (Part 7) 66/74
Total 329/360

I reviewed the items I got wrong during the year-end and new-year holidays, and right before the test began. Thanks to this, I got the word "mandatory" right in Part 2. (cf. TEX加藤-san's comment)

Since vocabulary is my weak point, I'd like to work with this book until I can translate all the Japanese words in this book into English like masamasa-san did.

Exam results: January TOEIC
I received my score report for the January TOEIC last Friday. Here are the results:

I'm so happy to get 495 in the listening section for the first time! According to the abilities measured, I probably missed one question in Part 2, and four questions in Part 3 and/or Part 4. This is the best performance ever.

In contrast, the score in the reading section is not as good as the last one (September 2008). Actually, it's worse than the June's... I've got to study harder, or I won't be able to get the score over 900.

My last blog here*
Thank you so much for visiting◎

I missed posting an article on the anniversary of this blog :'(
(It was January 25th...)

As I said here, I was thinking of reflecting back on what I've done or felt through the blog for a year, but I guess I've missed the chance, so I'd like to do that some time in future... when I feel it's time.

Today, I have an announcement. I've decided to make a change.

Announcement from あーひゃ

Here's my new blog. I'm looking forward to seeing you there :)

I've just moved in!
This is my first journal entry with FC2 Blog! (I left the articles that I had posted from January 25, 2008 through February 6, 2009 with Seesaa Blog.) I am thrilled to keep track of my study of English here, and maybe I will also write some journals on what interests me or what happens around me.

To bloggers who have link to my blog:
Could you change the URL of my blog to the new one? The new address is http://aahya.blog115.fc2.com/. Thank you for your trouble.

I will try hard to improve my English and am looking forward to having lots of fun with many bloggers/learners.