I attended Hanada-sensei's classes
Last Sunday, I went to Shinjuku to attend some classes at 花田塾. It was the first day in a new semester, and Hanada-sensei taught us Part 1 and Part 2 in the Listening class and Part 5 in the Reading class. I also participated in a class which aims at training pronunciation and listening skills.

At the beginning of the Listening class, Hanada-sensei told us "At 花田塾, I don't give you simple questions because they'll be too easy for you. I'll give you difficult ones." and they actually were. Since Tommy-san has already written in his blog what we learned during the classes, I'd like to write what I felt through those classes.

Everyone's sure that Hanada-sensei's instructions are amazingly clear, and of course I really agree with that, but what impressed me most (probably for most of the attendees, too) was that he stressed on the importance of the sounds of English not only in the pronunciation class but also in the TOEIC classes. Hanada-sensei explained in detail how English sentences are pronounced by native speakers, and we students practiced and practiced and practiced... a lot! I found it so hard to reproduce a sentence right after a native speaker said, and that means I didn't understand English. I guess it's very important for learners to study actively.

After taking all the classes, I was quite motivated rather than feeling tired by studying for about six and a half hours, and I still had much energy left to study English. This is all thanks to Hanada-sensei. I am really happy that I could attend 花田塾. Thank you so much, Hanada-sensei. I'll keep studying hard.