"War is over, if you want it"
No more beef: Wendy's burger chain leaves Japan

Saitama's John Lennon Museum threatened with closure

スマスマでオノ・ヨーコの話を聞いて知ったのですが、"Happy Xmas" の一番最初の2人のささやき声、お互いの前のパートナーの子どもの名前だったんですね。ずっと「なんでキョーコなんだろう」と思ってました…あと "Julian" は聴き取れてなくて "Jonh" だと思ってました…




"So why do you keep judging things that you don't get to know?"

2つ前の記事で「機内で楽しい曲を見つけた」と書いたのですが、その曲とは別にもう1曲、お気に入りを発見していました。こちらはロックでポップなチューンです。初めて聴いたときに「ビビビッ」と来ました。理由なしに "I LOVE IT!!" みたいな感じ。空の旅ですてきな曲と出会うのはうれしいです。


ちなみに「ビビビッ」は英語だと "zsa zsa zsu" と言います。

「You gatta run for today いざ行かんゴールへ」

こないだの旅行での機内にて、ヘッドセットが不良品で音楽がカラオケのようになってしまうというトラブルがありつつ邦楽チャンネルを聴いていたら、なんだか楽しい曲が♪ 歌詞もメロディーもステキなので紹介したいと思います(PVじゃなくてCD音源バージョンはこちら。)


あーひゃは仕事に英語にがんばるパパを応援します ※q(*・ω・*)p※

Maybe this is the only Rock I can sing
"GLAMOROUS SKY," sung by Mika Nakashima, who performed the role of Nana Osaki in the movie, is famous as the song inspired by NANA. But I prefer the one used in the anime series: "rose," sung by Anna Tsuchiya, who I guess is far similar to the character.

When I went to Ebisu and stayed all night with my friend about a month ago, we went to Karaoke. After singing a couple of songs each, my friend sang a Rock song, and then I felt like "I wanna sing rock too!," so I picked up "rose" to sing. Since it had been a few years since I listened to it last, I missed some melody, but the song was still so cool; Turned out, I often listen to this song these days.

I need your love. I'm a broken rose.
Oh baby, help me from frozen pain
with your smile, your eyes, and sing me, just for me

"rose" by ANNA inspi' NANA (BLACK STONES)

Utada's new single: "Come Back To Me"
Hikaru Utada is one of my favorite artists. I have almost all singles and albums of hers, and often listen to them.

On February 9, her new single as Utada, not as 宇多田ヒカル, was released in the iTunes US store. Its title is "Come Back To Me." Though it's only available in the iTunes US store now, Island Records delivers it on a special website and we can try it (not just the excerpt but the whole song) for free. I knew this page on January 9, and since then, I often visit there. I love it. We're also able to listen to it on Utada's MySpace.

The day before yesterday, I read an article of an interview asking Utada about her musical history. Here's the article: "A Conversation with Utada." It was interesting.

Utada's new album: "This Is The One" will be released on March 4 in Japan, and on March 24 in United States. I can't wait to hear it!