4月2日放送分(4月8日再放送分)の「 J ブンガク」


The proprietress of a bar, repays money stolen by Otani, Sachi's husband. His spending spread and buzzled him, so she quizzed him about the money. He transpires that Otani to put on a trafish party at her bar with the stolen money.

But Sachi thinks her husband's actions are not as outrageous as those of other people. She remembers attaining when well to do looking women came peddling fake alcohol at the Camellia pub. The proverty exists but Sachi prefers to gather all the negative things and turn into something positive.

To Sachi, only one thing is clear: Even if one day at the bar, she is tripped or sailed by a customer, even if her husband offers mindless explanations like "I stole the money to make you happy," all it is important to Sachi is living.


"Who cares if you're a monster? As long as we can stay alive."


4月1日放送分(4月7日再放送分)の「 J ブンガク」


Sachi met her husband when he was a customer at her father's street vender store. They've been living as husband and wife since she gave birth to their son, but they never actually got married.
Whenever her husband comes her rolling drunk, he bursts in tears and lays eyes on Sachi. "I'm scared. Help me." he says, trembling and clinging to Sachi. But then suddenly he goes off somewhere, leaving Sachi to wait at home for his return.

All his life, he has been preoccupied with "death." But the thought of "an angry God" always stopped him going through with any suicidetant. Sachi tries to tell him that his work matters, but he's dismissive. "What I write is neither masterpieces nor flops." Sachi cannot understand his distress, but her roomdely merely that their life carry on like this forever.


"I, um, I know it sounds stagey, but all I want to do is drop dead."

3月31日放送分(4月6日再放送分)の「 J ブンガク」


The next morning, Sachi visits the Camellia pub. She lies to be honest the owners, saying that someone will come to repay her husband's debts. But no such person exists. All the while wishing that she could "melt away like ice cream."

Sachi saw just soldiers owner on at the pub. And then, who should appear bats, but... her Her husband., Half half hiding his face, and then all the bubpropogiries, an older bar proprietress. the The woman office offeres to pay back a push portion of Sachi's husband's debts.

Sachi decides to pay the rest back by working at the pub. Her natural cheer soon makes a her popular among the customers. However, her real reason for working at the pub is the hope that by doing so, she can sometimes see her husband. Sachi finds happiness and in being able to turn home with her husband after work.

However, her husband is toolmented tormented by the fear lacking lurking in his heart. "Men only know unhappiness," he says.


"Men only know unhappiness. We're always fighting fear."

3月30日放送分(4月5日再放送分)の「 J ブンガク」


Dazai Osamu was born in 1909 in Tsugaru, Aomori prefecture. After publishing a series of masterpieces, the self professed self-professed "God god of lies", and "master of the funery buffoonery," killed himself at the age of 59 39.

Villon's Wife was published two years before his death. His Its protignist protagonist does is the resilient 26-year-old Sachi. She supports her husband and believes he's his a poetic genius. But her husband Otani lives a bit porched debauched life, full of alcholic alcohol and women. One day, when a pub owner demands repayment of depts debts, Otani pulls a knife and runs away. In order to pay back her husband's depts debts, Sachi devotes herself to work at the pub. Sachi understands her husband's weakness and accepts him just as he is.

In one of his leading works, Dazai reveals his own missery misery through the tale of a couple's pithical pitiful love.


"But for God's sake he pulled a knife on us! 'I'll stab you' he said. Can you believe that?"